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  • 4R70W Ford transmission

    Woohoo 🎉, for grins and giggles I dropped the pan and changed the filter and what I saw was bright and shiny! Click image for larger version

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    Tada! Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20211113_143548.jpg
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ID:	143145 After I cleaned the pan and magnet, the yellow stopper was missing, it had been changed previously.
    Currently at 99,000.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    New filter, old one looked great.
    First service was done at 35,000

    Just makes me feel good to do my own maintenance.

    May this truck last me till retirement, it's only job is to pull boat, 3000 miles annually.


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    Keep maintenance on top of your list, every 30K with filter no matter what anyone says. My 4R100 has 260K miles now and was changing fluid via the manual flush process and filter replacing with 24 quarts of Amsoil Synthetic and after the first 2 changes every 30K, the pan and filter was clean. Did another change after 75K miles and looked like I had just changed it. I haven't changed now for last 100K and fluid still looks new. Amsoil full synthetic really does make the difference. Pulling 10K 3 hours each way about 2 times every other month through the season. This is in a Ford Excursion and she is treating me very well!


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      How was changing the transmission fluid? On my Tacoma it was a major PITA. Hope you had an easier time than I did!

      What kind of Ford truck?


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        Click image for larger version

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        2001 F-150, 4.2 v6 longbed, gets 12 mpg towing and 16 regular.
        It was my Dad's so I intend to take great care of it. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20211113_162715.jpg
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        Collected 4 quarts, the rest spilled over pan while slowing lowering Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20211113_162838.jpg
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        My Dad maintained it very well so I hope to keep it long term.


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          The go to transmission guy in Stuart is Don Stone at AA transmissions. IF you need someone.


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            Originally posted by Billinfla View Post
            The go to transmission guy in Stuart is Don Stone at AA transmissions. IF you need someone.
            I dropped off a company vehicle to Monterrey transmission and while talking to owner I told him about this particular transmission and he said makes no difference if you change it or not.

            I choose to do as RobertH says.

            I'm still adjusting to your change in the handle, of course I know why, you MOVED!!!



            • Billinfla
              Billinfla commented
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              Yep. Slowed down.

              Monterey tranny has been there for years. Don't know anything bad about them. If you have developed a working relationship with them stay with them.

              I've known Don for 30 years. A lot of the repair shops use him. He uses my truck as a test for GM 6L 80's and 90's. I had a massive hard part fail, and he's been testing upgrades on my vehicle ever since. Not the cheapest, but I trust him.

              Not all tranny shops are bad. The new stuff is just friggin' expensive. My tranny has a "quick learn" procedure on a rebuild. "quick learn" is a goddam hour! Hour!!

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            Never had a problem with the 4-R70W in my F-150. Now, the lines to the cooler rusted and leaked but the transmission had 260,000 trouble free miles when I sold the truck.
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