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    Originally posted by Fish'nfool View Post

    Thanks. I hope it's as simple as an adjustment to the linkage cause if I have to pull the boat again and haul it back over the bridge to them I'll.

    I guess too I could shift it with the engine off to see if the stiffness is still there.
    It will be worse then. Not the way to test it, unless it's disconnected.
    And, what Andy said.
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      Originally posted by SIM View Post

      To add to what Ole mentioned, I would suggest calling the service dealer that did the work. I know if I had done the repair for you and something wasn't right, I would want to know so we could fix it.
      I wish you were closer.

      I sent them an email last night about it, asked if the tech could give me a call this morning. Haven't heard so I'm going to call them up now.


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        Well good news, spoke to the tech and as Ole suggested, I checked the throttle linkage and it was off. A quick adjustment and all is good. Crisis averted


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          Slap some flex tape on it and keep moving.