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  • Snaps and installation tool

    What should I look for? Anyone have a DIY installation tool they recommend? Tired of running to canvas shop each time I bust a snap on canvas.

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    FWIW I once ground an old 1/4" or bigger diameter Phillips screwdriver tip to form the 'tapered bell' to roll over the stud as it comes through the female cap. If you do a lot though, you can buy the tool that fits locking vise grip pliers (can't find the link) or a complete tool for $17 shipped, link = 7F0AAOSw2jFch8ia.

    Oh, sounds like you need to lube them! Use chapstik, candle wax or my old standby, dielectric grease ... but just buy it from an auto parts store, as a marine store Like WM will charge you 3X the price for 1/2 the amount, LOL!
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      I do lube them with snap stick (glorified chapstick but bigger tube). The latest failure, the snap is actually still snapped, but the button top of the female end was found on the floor. It obviously only has a single unsnapping left in its life span!


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        I have a snap tool set that consists of a steel swaging tool and a small plastic cup. The cup is shaped for the curve of the head of the snap, so the male head lays in the cup. Fabric goes over the male stem, then the other half of the snap. Then use the swaging tool to knurl the male stem over.

        To create the hole in the material the snap is going in, I use a small pencil soldering iron. I used to use a fabric punch, but the soldering irons melts the threads together and there's less unraveling.