Touching Up & Painting the Deck

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  • Touching Up & Painting the Deck

    Hey all,

    I finished reglassing the rear cooler hatch where the wood was rotten and patched the snap holes with Marine Tex. It's all sanded baby smooth and ready for some paint. Not sure if it will last another 30 years, but it's a million times better than it was. You can see that the leak allowed water into the seam at the top of the cooler wall which caused the wall to pull away from the foam. There's no wood there to screw into, so I bought some specialty liquid nails, shot as much in there as possible and have her clamped up. If it holds, I'll re-seal the top seam with Life Seal or something.

    Got the trolling motor installed with NEMA network cable. I used a "cable clam" as well as gooped all the bolt holes, so it should be water tight.

    I also ground and filled the hundred or so holes in the top on the console. I think I'm going to mount a piece of PVC lumber there so I can move things around without always screwing into the console, similar to a transducer mounting board.

    Which brings me to paint. Gel coat is in great condition, but is discolored in areas. See area near the rod holders on the lean post. I'm thinking of using a one-part polyurethane and having it color matched to the cooler hatch I just cleaned, sanded, and compounded. Plan would be to do the touch ups where needed then paint the top of the gunnels. Once complete, tape the gunnel edges, add some non-slip additive, and paint the middle of the gunnels, bow deck, and stern box hatches. Jamestown Distributors has their Wet Edge product that looks good. I'm thinking low sheen since it's for the deck - either their flat white or if that's too flat, their gloss finished with a flattener added. Sound like a reasonable plan?? All advice appreciated!! Click image for larger version  Name:	Rear Hatch Lid.JPEG Views:	1 Size:	857.9 KB ID:	44625Click image for larger version  Name:	Rear Cooler.JPEG Views:	1 Size:	548.1 KB ID:	44623Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_4513.jpg Views:	1 Size:	278.3 KB ID:	44624Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_4514.jpg Views:	2 Size:	412.2 KB ID:	44626Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_3138.JPG Views:	2 Size:	71.5 KB ID:	44627
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    Coming along nicely.


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      Thanks, lot of work left to do. I think I'm going to add some gel coat the underside of the cooler hatch. I'm still struggling with color matching a paint. I don't want to paint the whole deck, but you can see the discoloration around the rod holders on the lean post. I'd like to prep the areas that need it and touch up as needed.


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        You sir have skills!
        Ya know, I've never seen gimbals like that on a built in cooler......great idea!
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          Single part paints don't hold up all that well to traffic, they just aren't that Durable, on other surfaces they fair better.


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            Originally posted by Tiretyme View Post
            You sir have skills!
            Ya know, I've never seen gimbals like that on a built in cooler......great idea!
            Well, I didn't know what a gimball was until you just mentioned it!

            I had the paint color matched. It looks great in some places but off in others. Uneven oxidation I suppose. I'm going to compound the inside to see where she stands, but I suspect I'll pain the inside at some point down the road.

            In addition to the rod holders, I added filled all the holes on the top of the console and added a sacrificial mounting board. Also decided to paint the teak trim black. I used a gloss sheen and thinking I may need to go back with a matte finish or hit it with some 0000 steel wool. In any case, I think it's better than it was. Here are some before & after pics.