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    Originally posted by Surfercross View Post
    You could have used a product called Sharkhide to Protect you trailer.
    I actually bought 4 quarts of Sharkhide, then changed my mind at the last minute. I figure if the ceramic doesn't work so well, I can always go back to that. I used Sharkhide on my tri-toon and it worked really well as long as it's applied to a smooth surfaces. All the crevices and such on a trailer are much more difficult.

    The CP guy sprayed their product on in those hard to reach areas. He lifted the whole trailer on hydraulic boat jacks, applied to the underside, axles, winch stand, fenders, wheels, pretty much everywhere. This is going to sit outside in storage, not very many salt dunkings, as it will be in a dry stack 90+ percent of the time.
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