Engine Room Sprayed with Salt Water

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  • Engine Room Sprayed with Salt Water

    You may have read my other thread about the electrolysis doing damage to my boat. The second issue I have it when the pump and A/C cooling lines corroded away they sprayed salt water ALL OVER the engine room. I just spent $100k rebuilding both of the Cats and put in a brand new generator, I can't let them get eat up from this.
    First thing I did was spray everything with fresh water and wipe it down. Yesterday I went in and sprayed everything again with Saltaway and let it sit for awhile. I resprayed with fresh water and the coated everything with Corrosion X.

    I can already see some rust stains forming on the white engines and other pieces. Is there anything else I can do?

    Before the salt.

    Click image for larger version

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    This is after the salt bath.
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    Man, that stinks.. I saltaway is pretty good stuff..
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      Maybe give Boesheild a shot. I use it on my boat trailer fasteners and brake parts that gets dunked in salt water and it at least inhibits the inevitable corrosion.


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        Oh man, I feel your pain.
        I can't help but think if I was a better person I could've been a dog. 🐕

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          Damn pretty room???
          wd-40 in a misting spray bottle liberal application and wipe away..?.?.?.


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            I was on the boat all weekend. Went fishing Saturday. From what I can see it looks like I got the corrosion at least slowed down if not stopped in most places. I still have a few spots on the engines but mostly it didn't seem to get any worse.

            I plan on hitting it with a liberal sprayer of Dawn. Rewipe it off and respray with another can of corrosion x.


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              All of the products mentioned will "Inhibit" rust, but not stop it. I have a feeling while salt away may be good for doing that, it's also an acid that keeps on going.
              The rust is happening because there is bare metal, bare steel metal.
              You need to stop that oxidation. Or, you will loose that fight.
              And, that will involve paint. Not bad on the engines, but will suck on the Charles Isolation transformer.
              We or I, used to use, Ospho, then Pettit Rust Loc (This is 1000% worse than 5200 as far as getting it on yourself) then finally primer/paint.
              If you (Or I) didn't do this, those white engines, gen cases, etc always would show,
              Two week trip, one week in the E/R after the trip.
              But man was I proud of that E/R.
              ALMOST as good as yours. You know what I mean.
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