1996 Proline 2950 project boat

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  • 1996 Proline 2950 project boat

    Last edited by Adam9066; 08-20-2017, 05:24 PM.

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    Keep the pictures comming of your progress


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      Keep Faron's E handy
      [email protected]
      He's the Pro-Line parts guru and the go to guy as to what was bought from which vendor for which model and what by model year.

      Plus, he's just a good guy


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        Looks great, keep pics coming please
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          Here's a 2000 30W in for service which is the same boat pretty much except with a Euro transom.
          Great hull and is a sought after used boat brand and model ongoing.
          Mine was a 2950 w/225 EFI Mercs which was killing me with fuel burn.
          I repowered with 225 Opti's and was 100% satisfied with the Opti's

          The hull was a total success as a 2950, a 30W and a 31W
          As a 2950 "Boat Of The Year" two years in a row, Boating Magazine (as I recall, "Boating Magazine").

          With the 225 Johnrudes you can look for mid to high 40's top end but you will cuss the fuel burn some.

          Good luck with your project and please keep us up to date with pictures


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            Originally posted by adam9066
            Wow they didnt change much. I liked the look of the euro transom beter at first but the bracket setup has really grown on me. I really like the layout of the boat and the ease of acess to most parts of the boat. I plan on doing alot of stuff to this boat and I will be in way more then the value of the boat however this is the boat I really wanted and plan on keeping it a long long time.

            I'm not estatic about the engines. I am only planning to run them this year and then repowering with a pair of even rude g2 engines. I really wanted to go with 225 but I can only get 30" shafts in 250 so that's what I will be going with.

            So far I purchased the boat for 2500. I am looking at 5300 for the canvas and upholstery and another 6500 give or take for electronics. I purchased a new a/c for it the other day and it cost 900. I'll probably be in another 2-3g for other parts. The quote for the new engines was around 51g.

            So with out the engines I'll be into the boat for about 18-18.5 with the engines I'll be into it for about 70k. But the way I look at if I bought a new BW conquest 285 I'd be in 190k plus and over 10 years I would lose about 100k in value.

            If it were me I'd be patient and look for late model used motors


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                There were a couple of 2013 Opti 250s for sale on craigslist and that other site for around $24K with 300 hours and 3 years of warranty left that would be perfect for that boat and save you $25k. Evinrude also has a deal going now on G1 engines that offer free rigging and 7 years warranty. rigging is parts only, not labor.


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                  That looks great. That will be a goood boat
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                    Originally posted by adam9066
                    So I did alot today but no pictures sorry. I finished polishing the sides of the boat now I just have to do around the cabin and the back. I also spent part of the day chasing an electrical problem that turned out to be oddly place plug in the transom. I also want to find some type of cover or box to move the electric electric switchs to where the knife box is.

                    I am also going to look for a nice pair of optimax engines if I can find a set I like.

                    Here's the problem and I'm speaking to you as a boat salesman, a boat dealer with a kinda/sorta good handle on the industry and values.
                    To make matters alot worse, not only a lifelong member of the infamous profession of boat selling but also a holder of the bruised and battered "I shouldn't have done that" cub.

                    I had a 99 2950

                    Repowered with new 225 Opti's
                    New generator
                    Entire new interior and exterior upholstery.
                    Absolutely anything needed, anything at all, begged, borrowed, stolen from Pro-Line and/or Faron.

                    When it came time to sell the boat no one cared as to paying me one cent more for any of it.
                    Everyone wanted to flip thru the NADA pages and put a number on a 99 model rig.

                    So, speaking to you as a merchant, a boat salesman, and some experiance on the matter.

                    Dont make the boat so expensive your married to it.

                    You bought the rig real right.
                    Dont get blinded by doing everything you'd like to do without being 100% conscience of how much you'll have in it when all the lovemaking is over.

                    Late model used motors.
                    Warranties would be terrific.


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                      Nice project! I owned a 1998 2950 with twin 5.7 mercruisers. I wish I had the outboard version! Sometimes I think of keeping my eyes open for the 30 Express version of the hull cheap where I can repower to run for chartering.
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                        wow! nice find! keep the pics coming and good luck with the refurb... (insert beer mug smiley here)


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                          Looks great!
                          I thought they were all project boats. LOL


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                            NICE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                              Maybe I missed it but what engines did you wind up going with?