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    Looking to get more knowledge about getting out of the oregon inlet to do some near shore fishing down in OBX. Previous boat was a 20 ft triumph CC (more like a bay boat) and I never attempted it. New boat is a 24 Proline sport CC. Was talking to a guy across the dock that has a 20 ft key west CC and he was saying state got new dredging equipment and that its not as bad getting in and out as it used to. Obviously pick your days for good conditions but if anyone else has any input I'd appreciate it.

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    It’s been years and a new bridge since I’ve been through, but I’ll give you this little tidbit. Oregon inlet fishing center, the public ramp is right next to it. It is very common for the rec boats to hang out until one of the charter fleet heads out, then everyone falls in line.

    I’ll warn you, it’s not for the feint of heart. You’ll have to run closer to, and at a speed way faster, then you want to in order to stay in contact with boat ahead. In the dark.


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      Jizus ... now is that anywhere near that USCG training station for their 47' MLBs where I once saw an interview with a Chief Petty Officer who had 108 or more complete roll-overs to his 'credit'? While serving on duty no less, not counting those purposely inflicted during training exercises ...
      Life is too short for an ugly boat!