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  • Spring has sprung

    Boats have been splashing daily now since early April and it looks like spring/summer on Lake Erie. Memorial Day is right around the corner and the weather has finally settled. We are selling some boats but inventory is still a bit thin especially when it comes to pre-owned. Doesn;t look like our local economy has slowed down very much.

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    That’s great!! My buddy has very few trade-ins/used on the lot.
    I’m going to use a 27’ Sailfish for a few weeks until Frontrunner gets here.

    Spring just went to summer overnight here.
    Talked my daughter into letting 3&1/2 year old grandson play hooky from school today since he only has 9 days left.
    He likes to do “man stuff” as he calls it with me.
    We were moving some shrubs for a minute today, both soaking in sweat, checked my phone, 103° real feel in Sun, that was it—we’re done, I’ll finish tomorrow morning.
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      Can't beat having grandkids around!!

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    Launching boats here! Weird spring, even for us. Low 40's at night. No rain either in a while, we are needing that bad. Local customers are still spending as usual.
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      That’s good!! The summer cruisers will all be heading that way in a month or so.

    • erie skipper
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      Yep, same type weather here; we do need some rain