Lake Michigan Weekend trip?

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  • Lake Michigan Weekend trip?

    Kind of last minute, but thinking about going to Benton Harbor Mi. For the weekend. We live in SW Ohio and a manageable drive for a weekend trip.

    I have a BW Montauk 170 and thinking this might work as we have the St. Joseph river in the event the lake is too rough for comfort. My wife enjoy cruising in the boat, she likes to read and relax, and I like to try and catch fish. Are there places to go, or things to see there? Any forecast of what the lake will be like this weekend?

    Or should I consider other places in the area?

    Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Weather looks choppy on Friday, 8knts from the NW and Sat it drops to 2knts for the NEast almost. Never been to Benton Harbor, but further north is nice.
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      If you go a little further north, Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon and Whitehall have smaller lakes with access to Lake Michigan that would be nice for that size boat.
      If the wind is good like Ole mentioned, the big lake is good too!
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