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  • Navi hazard Tom Stewart

    There's a submerged object about 100 yards south of the Tom Stewart draw bridge. It's about 20 yards east of the marked channel. At low tide yesterday it was about 6" below the surface. Not sure what it is but there has been a lot of debris in that area lately. Most likely from all the derelict boats and scallywags in the area.
    I found it because I ran over about 15' of rope(threw it in neutral just as I went over the rope). Turned around to collect up the rope and saw the submerged item. It's about a 4'X4' metal box looking thing. I might go out tomorrow and see if I can remove it or drag it closer to shore.
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    I got in the habit of carrying around an empty gal milk container, when something was floating/submerged like that I'd tie the jug to it as a marker for others, then I'd go back and if still around remove or tow it to a safer spot.


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      I just know the Ft Pierce, St Lucie inlet, not familiar with the Tom Stuart inlet, the empty milk jug sounds like a great idea.