Florida Keys Waterfront - Catamaran?

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  • Florida Keys Waterfront - Catamaran?

    Anybody have knowledge on waterfront houses in the Keys and their ability / restrictions to keeping boat in water / on lift?

    We're playing with the idea of getting a power cat in the 37-42-foot range and moving to a waterfront home in the Keys. In Saint Pete, we live on a 150-foot wide canal, and have a spare slip, so parking a cat with the axis perpendicular to the seawall is doable. In the Keys, I assume there are going to be areas where a canal would allow this, and other areas where it either wouldn't work, or would just be prohibited for reasons.

    A further complication is that we would still have a 27-footer on a lift.

    Anyone with relevant information, please speak up. Also, if you know a realtor knowledgeable in this area, please give me contact info.

    We're thinking about Marathon and points south, but realize our requirements may be difficult to meet. We're just trying to get a feel for areas / neighborhoods that might accommodate us.

    Anything else come to mind? Let me her it!

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    Sounds like someone is getting ready to do some long range cruising.

    S Central PA


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      Originally posted by duckfish View Post
      Sounds like someone is getting ready to do some long range cruising.
      The longest journey begins with a single step...


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        My brother lives in Marathon on his 47' Catalina (mono hull). Most of the canals around there are pretty narrow. Not sure if they would take something with a 20'+ beam. A local realtor would know the best spots.

        Be aware of the crowd in Marathon. Even for the keys it is pretty touristy and transient. My brother says a Marathon 10 is a girl with four teeth and a six pack of beer.


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          Front teeth? What brand of beer?

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