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  • Going to Marathon with boat - June

    In June my wife and I are heading to the keys (Marathon) and meeting the rest of my family to celebrate my dad’s 70th. I want to bring my boat to enjoy fishing/cruising/snorkeling in the surrounding waters.

    Being it’ll be my first time in the keys in years and first time towing my boat curious about places to stay. Would I be better off staying at a place with a marina and just leaving it in the water over the long weekend or trailering each time to a local ramp?

    Any recommendations? I think my parents are staying at Pips. I’ve always wanted to have a boat in the keys and now to enjoy it with my family I’m really excited about…though I can only fit a 2 additional at a time 🤣. Maybe that’s a good thing…

    thank you.

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    Last time we were in Marathon (2007) we found it cheaper to rent a house for a week in Key Colony Beach. Another couple split the cost. It was cheaper than staying in a hotel/ motel with a marina. By the time you paid for a room and dock fee's it was stupid expensive.
    We booked a 2 bed 2 bath split plan with 60'of dock space 3 canals in for Vaca Cut on oceanside.for 1500.00
    It was in June right after Memorial Day. The only problem was the wind picked up after the second day and we we're pretty much stuck fishing in the cut. The charters going out in the big Sporties got fish but also got their ass kicked.
    The last day a tropical storm came through. I was not thrilled to go on the gulf side public ramp where I had launched but at the last minute I found out about a private ramp at the end of the main canal. I paid the man twenty bucks to use it and was glad to do it.


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      Key Colony Beach is very nice, not to mention they’ve done a great job rebuilding that area quickly since the hurricane a few years ago.

      Chris, I’ll be glad to come down and help y’all out😊😊
      You're going to have a blast!!!
      2022 34’ Fountain w/ trip 300 Mercs
      Fairhope & Orange Beach, AL


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        You’re welcome to join us…as long as you bring your fountain! 😂

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        I’ve thought about it already. I have the range in perfection conditions at 40mph. It’s a 482nm straight shot from Orange Beach to Marathon with a range of 520nm, basically 14 hours+. I would definitely need to carry a bladder but more likely duck in at either Ft Myers or Marco Island to fuel up and maybe spend the night. Have also had to bail as high up as Anclote Key and St Pete due to weather. It would be a fun trip!!!

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      Check with MikeLoew, This is his place.http://www.floridakeyshomeforrent.com/
      From down the bayou, South Louisiana.


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        Definitely put it in the water and keep it there. Keys ramps are sketchy at best. You don't want to have to tempt fate multiple times.


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          Went for 3 days in May last year, look for my earlier post in this section, Blackfin Resort was where we stayed.

          It's perfect for catching fish and a barely ok ramp, It is not a resort!!!

          Fishing was great, caught so many had to go in and get more ice, woohoo 🎉.

          With family, I'd do what jmike suggests! Click image for larger version

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          THis is from yesterday, 1-7, had to pickup toys for boss in Islomorada. Click image for larger version

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          Down and back, just under 400 miles.

          Sorry for derail!

          The Keys spoiled me so much that I rarely go fishing locally.

          All we did was anchored up bridge fishing at 7 mile, poor shrimp didn't have a chance.



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            I said I’m going with my family I don’t want to stay with them! 🤣🤣 I’ve heard that the ramps in the keys aren’t the best! I like the idea of dropping it in and leaving it. Thank you for the hotel suggestions I’ll check them out.

            BWP - I think that is the place my brother always stays at and really likes it.


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              Way back in the day we used to stay at the Coral Lagoon when it was old style bungalows with block walls and terrazzo floors. It was super clean, when you first walked into the room the bleach smell was strong. They tore it down and built vacation condos.


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                I remember when I was a kid and we use to go to Key West you’d get a nice room for $100. Today same places are $400+.


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                Originally posted by Sans Peur View Post
                Definitely put it in the water and keep it there. Keys ramps are sketchy at best. You don't want to have to tempt fate multiple times.
                Been several years, but taking a boat to the keys can be pretty iffy. Shitty ramps, no parking, thieves