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  • Living in Tampa, where?

    My wife and I stand a pretty good chance of moving to Tampa area, she will be working on the east side of downtown, and just asking locals where decent places to live are at. The criteria is on the water, no more than 45 mins from downtown, not have bridges to deal with for about 14 air draft (Pursuit/Tiara 3800 Open, no tower) safe and reasonably quiet, not to far from decent fishing, both inshore, we have a flats boat, and offshore. Budget is up to $1.6-1.8M but prefer to be under that.

    My next question, is what kind of inshore fishing is available in the area, as we have a flats boat here in Texas. It is a locally made boat called a Majek Illusion, great flats boat, drafts 14 inches and gets up on plane in that easy, runs in 6-8in depending on load. However, it has the trade off of rough ride in anything over 1ft chop and 2 footers are miserable. I can sell it here for top dollar, that's why I ask about the style of inshore fishing there. Would I be better served with a bay boat?

    The Tiara/Pursuit is coming this winter, we have narrowed the boat down to these 3800 Opens from either company, knowing they are the same company and love them. There seems to be quite a few of them in the Florida area, so I'm not too worried about it. But the Majek is probably kind of an unknown in the Florida waters and if I need to make a small boat change, sell it here, since it is desired and known locally and in demand.

    We have been online looking at homes from St Pete Beach area to Apollo Beach to Tarpon Springs. Any insight or comments would be keeping appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    Graduated from Plant City high school in '82, been over the Sunshine Skyway bridge multiple times in commercial driving and it's neat, Not much help but, someone over there knows, just haven't posted yet.

    My opinion, seel the Majek in Texas where it's known, but then again shallow fishing for me is 3', or more.

    Good luck, with your budget, you'll be fine, take your time, a new local fishing buddy would be perfect!

    Be blessed,



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      I live in Palmetto and work in South Tampa, commuting over the skyway. I work from home a few days a week now, and travel quite a bit so I haven't had to do the 5 days a week commute in a long time. If your wife is commuting to East Tampa, your closest waterfront is going to be Apollo Beach. With the new Selmon Crosstown extension, Northeast St. Pete may be an option as well. Both those areas will have what you are looking for in your budget. St. Pete Beach Will probably test that 45 minute timeframe, and Tarpon Springs would be way to far. You may have to prioritize what's more important, getting offshore or commute time. Apollo Beach and NE St. Pete are a long run from getting to the Gulf. If you are looking at St. Pete Beach also check out Tierra Verde. It's pricey, but you may be able to find something in your budget.

      As for fishing, the inshore fishing is great. I do a lot of inshore on my stand up paddleboard. Snook, redfish, and trout. Apollo beach or NE St. Pete would be your best options for inshore. IMO I would sell the flats boat where it is a known quantity and go bigger. I had a friend move here with a 17' yellowfin that he sold after a few months to go bigger. He got a 21' Egret and is now looking to go even bigger. He fishes 100% inshore.

      Feel free to reach out with any questions. And if you are in need of a Realtor, my wife just happens to be one:


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        I live in S Tampa

        Apollo beach isn’t bad at all. it might be your closest bet for $ and to meet most of your needs.
        As mentioned it is a haul to get offshore.
        Our inshore is quite good
        S Tampa has some great schools if you have kids, but anything on the water on the peninsula is premium $
        Pinellas would have something for you, but it might miss your wife’s commute needs
        Each of the areas are all different. I’m not sure of your personality’s and what other traits you have and what you look for in neighbors or the area
        I’ll try and answer anything you ask.


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          Do you have kids, do they go to school, choose wisely.


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            We are watching the market in downtown St Pete. I just bought a building on the east side of Tampa and we are opening a new branch over there. We will need a nice place to stay a few nights a week and are possibly thinking of eventually being permanent. The market is a little crazy right now and places go the same day they are listed for exorbitantly high prices.

            One thing I am looking at is a boat for fishing the bay and sandbar hoping. That bay is large and something Fast that will take a good chop is going to be required. I like the 2300 Bay Ranger with a 250 on it (a buddy of mine has one). It is Fast and handles a heavy chop well but still gets into some skinny water. His has a big HP trolling motor on it and runs all day on it.
            As has been said previously, sell the flats in Texas and buy something more suited to a large open body of water like Tampa Bay.