Transducers and Stepped Hulls

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  • Transducers and Stepped Hulls

    So I just bought a new boat and it has a stepped hull. I cannot "see" anything at cruising speeds above 10 mph on the sonar or DS unit. At first I thought my ducer was just mounted to high (it is a transom mount) which it is. The entire thing is above water when running. I then started doing research on transducers and just happened to pick up on info that transom mount units do not work at cruise speeds on stepped hulls. Does anyone here have experience with this? I also read that a thru-hull forward of the step works well but my concern is that it will not be in the water when running at planning speeds.

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    Thru hull mounted low in hull close to the "V", as far aft as possible on the fwd first step.
    Only thing that works.
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      That's how mine is mounted, Sailfish 325.

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