Dual Garmin chartplotter/sonar configuration/functionality

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  • Dual Garmin chartplotter/sonar configuration/functionality

    We have a new Axopar 28C on order. Unfortunately, they don't offer many configuration options on electronics, Garmin only, so I took the best I could get:

    - Dual Garmin 1222 Touch chartplotters (a stripped down 12" version, no sonar, no maps)
    - Garmin GSD25+ separate standalone sonar module
    - Garmin GT51+ transom mount transducer
    - Garmin GMR Fantom 18 radar
    - Garmin VHF 115i
    - Garmin Fusion BB300R stereo
    - Mercury VesselView 5" (Simrad based)
    - Mercury ActiveTrim (no keypad)

    I'm totally new to this, never had or used dual displays before, much less have a network on board.
    Neither 1222 plotter has anything for charts, other than very basic worldwide basemap.

    - If I buy a single G3 Vision card, plug into display #1 SD slot, download(?), can I then display those G3 charts on either plotter? I assume they only allow you to load charts into 1 device, not 2.

    - Assuming all of these devices are either on NMEA2000 or the Garmin Network, once I have a map card, should I be able to configure and display whatever I need on either plotter (charts, sonar, stereo, VHF, radar, engine data, trim, future autopilot)?

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    Yes, buy one card and it will populate both units if they are connected with an ethernet cable. Here is the chart catalog - https://www.boemarine.com/cartograph...g2-vision.html

    To your second question, you need an ethernet cable for this too, but once you have it you can view anything on any screen anytime.

    Jim Maier - www.BOEmarine.com - 866-735-5926 x104 - jim@boemarine.com