Garmin GXM52 fail to comunicate

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  • Garmin GXM52 fail to comunicate

    Looking for ideas.

    I have a pair of 7616 with a Garmin GXM52 for weather. The units now do not communicate with the GXM52. I have checked the connection at the network and the antenna. Both seem fine.

    I am guessing the GXM52 failed. I found out yesterday that is no longer made. Question for the group. If I replace it with the new GXM53 is that plug and play with the same cable or do I need to pull a new one?

    Thank you

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    Before you condemn the 52, I would do a Garmin update. I had mine do the same thing, went round and round. Did an update and it came back.
    You will have to change the cable if you go the 53 route.
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      I will give that a try. I did find a 52 NOS if I need to swap it out. Thank you


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        I believe I have the latest update

        GPSMAP 7416/7616/7416xsv/7616xsv software version 12.00/3.70


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          I am running Version 11. I heard 12 had issues but I need to get the weather back online


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            Yours is nmea2000, the new 53 is ethernet.

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              Thank you all

              I found a new 52 and all is back online