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  • Suzuki c10 gauge

    I am running my instruments for my DF300 on a EVO 7" display instead of the c10 gauge. However, the builder told me I have to have the c10 gauge for some reason. So it's just stuffed into the instrument panel behind the electronics. How do I get rid of it altogether and just use the EVO for instrumentation? Is there a cable/smartbox that will replace it to get the same functionality just using the EVO alone?
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    Welcome, electronics section is where you want this at, you'll get answers, soon, just wait.
    I say neat problem to have, sounds interesting.


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      The OEM gauges perform some functions that don't display or cross over to MFD's.
      Diagnostics, settings, etc.
      I don't recommend getting rid of it.
      If is out of the way, why not leave it?
      There is no smartbox to replace it.
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