mounting transducer on pontoon boat

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  • mounting transducer on pontoon boat

    We are slow and like to cruise (we have a 90hp) everyone says mount transducer on rear of pontoon with the bracket there, which means it will be looking behind the boat in shallower water and be in "dirty" water (lakes) so what is stopping me from mounting it in middle of the boat centered between pontoons?

    I can make a mount like this, rear mount vertical and braced with diagonal to the top.....rear of boat I/ front of boat and even make the front upper pin out of delrin or uhmw to act as a break away in case I hit something (which if I do the lower unit would not like it)

    I can still beach the front and transducer wouldn't hit

    Came up with this idea over wine in the hot tub, and now bored at day job
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