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  • Need Help Quickly on Transducer

    My dealer screwed up big time on my electronics installation. My specs call for Garmin Clear Vu. When I asked about a more powerful transducer, they recommended and installed an Airmar not knowing or telling me that I would lose Clear Vu (this is just one of numerous electronics screw ups by this dealer). They are now suggesting that I add a transducer(s) to get Clear Vu. My options are:

    Transducers Options: Since you already have CHIRP in your current transducer.. these are JUST sidevu/downvu
    1. GT30-TM SideVu/DownVu: This is a transom mount transducer JUST sidevu/Down vu $199.9 plus installation $115– Which I my opinion is the best option for you because (see next option)
    2. GT30-TH Pair: Thru hull Transducers - JUST side vu clearvu But this will give you three transducers. And the pair has the same power as one transom mount transducer. $1249.99 plus installation $345

    I thought that transom mount is inferior to through-hull. Is this true? Are there reasons to prefer the through-hull option? Assuming that the dealer is going to bear the cost of this repair (Things will get nasty if he doesn't. I make my living in the courtroom.), which would you choose?


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    I would choose the thru hulls. I run an LSS-2 lowrance for my side scan. I only needed one as it is mounted on the keel, but they also sell a right/left pair with splitter cable. Any time I can get away from a transom mount, I do. The only real advantage to a transom mount is that they are easily changeable.


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      I've got simrad, but went with a chirp thru hull and transom mount side/down vu. I've been very happy with the performance and would do the same setup again. Side/down vue is a slow speed shallow water tool anyway, don't think you lose anything going transom mount. Mine will actually work up to about 30kts in 15-20 ft of water. Offshore it works to about 130-150 ft in saltwater.


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        Depends on what kind of boat you have. Transom mount good for some, thru-hull required for others. So, what do you have?
        Jim Maier - - 866-735-5926 x104 -


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          I know that. He's got a brand new beautiful Sailfish DC about 29 feet if I recall correctly.


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            I would do transom mount on that boat fo sho. They are not intended to work well at speed anyway, and if you ever trailer the boat or put it on a lift those thru-hulls sticking down will be easily damaged. The flush mount CHIRP thru-hull you have is recommended and appropriate.
            Jim Maier - - 866-735-5926 x104 -


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              Already done. Mounted a single through hull, turns out that two weren't necessary. Garmin suggested that solution. The boat is a 32' DC.