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  • Command link 6y9

    Is it posible to hook a 6y9 gauge up to a f60c yamaha year 2012 ? And if yes what does it take to do it.

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    Exactly what you will see when connected is another question, answer to which IDK.
    That gauge is intended to be used with DEC ("fly by wire") engines.

    but possible to hook up? certainly; the same parts as any Command Link gauge:

    with one more cable at the gauge

    you can get the details on the parts in this document:

    and get them - and advice - from Andy:


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      Is andy a member in this forum ?


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        You can't use a 6Y9 Command link plus gauge with a F60. Won't function.

        You can use any other Yamaha Command link gauge with it though. The 6YC will work.

        Andrew Munao Jr
        Yamaha Sales/Tech Support, SIM Yamaha
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          Damn need to find some one that need the 6y9 gauge ore want to trade with it with a 6YC. The 6y9 i have is new.