Mic Hangers for Fixed Mount VHF

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  • Mic Hangers for Fixed Mount VHF

    Maybe I'm missing something, or it is something that is considered standard equipment? I checked Standard Horizon's website, specifically the GX1400G. They don't mention a mic hanger or cradle or something. My Ray 52 that died came with a plastic cradle thing to place the mic. So long story short, do they still include these? I'm just looking at lower price units as we don't go far offshore in Lake Michigan and only a few times a year.

    Thanks!! 😁

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    Usually they throw in a stamped out chrome doohickey to hang the mic on with a single screw hole for mounting.


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      Okay that sounds like what I was thinking, they give you something . Thanks for the reply!


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        Get a Standard Horizon unit from Jim at BOE Marine, it comes with a little plastic ‘doohickey’ to hold the microphone. Not for nothing, but you know that all the performance is mostly from the antenna anyway, right?

        For anyone going offshore I recommend the Shakespeare Galaxy 5225XT as the absolute minimum antenna.

        I once tested 30+ setups at my boat club with a premium VHF SWR test rig/meter and the best performing setups were all S-H radios coupled Shakespeare Galaxy antennas. Icoms radios using the same antenna models did not do as well, for some unknown reason. Some of the WORST performing setups were those antennas labeled as ‘digital antennas’, in fact that is even their brand name, LOL! They sucked!

        All the BEST of the best performing setups also used the gold-plated Shakespeare crimp connectors. Again, all available from Jim from BOE Marine.
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