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    My buddy is looking to buy new electronics for his Hewes.

    He likes what hes seeing with the Florida Marine Tracks chip (which is great here on the west coast and the keys)
    He kinda likes the Garmin, but the chip isn't available for that only the BlueChart G3

    He's gonna go Lowrance or Garmin.

    Anyone have input/comparisons between Bluechart G3 and the FMT?
    Pro's/Cons going with a Lowrance vs Garmin

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    On my last two boats I’ve switched out older Garmin units for new Garmin units. The new ones have G3 charts and there’s quite an improvement, particularly in detail. Detail such as docks, wrecks and such, but on their “Fishing” chart there are quite a few more depth contour lines.
    Along with higher resolution displays, it makes for a nice helm upgrade.
    On one boat I added a new transducer. On the other I used the existing transducer. Both times the chart plotter automatically recognized the proper transducer.
    I’m sure the resident experts can be more helpful, but that’s my $.02 😀


    • Ol Mucky
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      Editing a comment
      I'm a garmin guy as well. I dont have the Bluechart G3 though.

      Im hoping someone on here can speak on the FMT and perhaps compare