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    BOE / Jim - tried to order an ACR guardian, 4 pack of tags, and an acr multi engine connector on your site. Looks like guardian is back ordered, and I couldn’t find the connector at all.

    Questions - when do you expect more guardians in? Do you have any of the multi engine connectors? (Twin yamahas)

    I tried to call, Bristol being rained out, but it is Sunday!


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    ACR has a part called 2990 that will do what you need. I have not seen it make the price list yet though, so not sure if it is even being made yet. We hope to have some Guardians by mid April. Taking backorders now

    Jim Maier - - 866-735-5926 x104 - [email protected]


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      Thanks for the update. Think I may order it and wait on the multi engine connector for installation. Doesn’t seem like I can find it anywhere right now.