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    Pretty good read

    Mercury Marine maps a new trajectory in the race for outboard supremacy.

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    Lake X was never part of Mercury per se
    It was the Lake X Corporation
    When Mercury sold to Brunswick Lake X was not part of the deal

    Mr K was very adamant as to the land being a wild life preserve and it was always patrolled and enforced
    I dont know if he had a strong feeling as to the wildlife or just wanted to be sure the goings on remained very private
    Either way it as a great thing that it was and still is a wild life sanctuary
    An army half track was purchased and used to patrol the perimeter
    So the escort, being armed comes as good news in that Mr K's wishes on the matter are still enforced


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      There's a great writeup on screamandfly with a long article on memories of LakeX. Fascinating the stories that were told! They make the Commodore look like a new, inexperienced guy.


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        I was in my teens when the pioneers of Mercury were making outboard motor and boating history
        Mr K inviting me to eat lunch with him at the Lake was for me a lefelong memory
        About 1969 or so at IMTEC in Chicago Mr. K saw my wife and asked her if her "Young man" was at the show
        My wife came and fetched me which to me was another event that is very moving to me

        Those guys were bigger than life
        At that time before Chrysler got into the outboard business and became Mr K's competitor, Mr K issued Chrysler and Dodge tri power company cars to his upper management guys
        Imagine how that looked to a kid in his teens
        Fast cars, fast boats, really tough guys
        I was constantly in awe of it all

        I met a girl in the early 60's whose father originated Lake X for Mr K
        Her father also ran the salt water test base in Sarasota on Siesta Key
        Now, here's a young girl (very pretty) whose running endurance boats and in many of the ads that appeared in magazines water skiig behind a Merc and the like
        All of this for a young guy was very exciting
        I married her in 1964 at St Michaels in Sarasota on Siesta Key and cherish a wedding gift from Mrs K that was given her by her mother who recieved it from her mother

        I lived in awe of all of it going on

        My wife called me to the TV and was laughing about an Elvis movie that took place in Miami which included some shots of the Orange Bowl Regatta which her father had won for Mercury many years before