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  • Would you? (Take in a stray)

    I'm sure it's not legal most places, but I doubt very much I'd keep it anyway.

    Rewind Story: Woman Nurses What She Thinks Is An Abandoned Kitten... But It's A Panther! (Rottweiler Looks Scared AF) (worldstar.com)‚Äč
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    Kinda neat.
    hate to be the on the receiving end of the kitten having a bad day


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      Pretty cool until it tears your a$$ up.


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        I see people in "reels" on facebook all the time hanging out with large cats, bears and other wild animals and treating them like pets; Sigfried and Roy found out they were never really tamed, I'm afraid most of the others will at some point as well.


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          Sharp claws, and know how to use them!
          They are still wild, sorry!



          • Sans Peur
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            That is very true. And the cat will do some damage as well.