Are we being invaded???

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  • Are we being invaded???

    Taken in the central west sky of Florida on 05/29/2023 at approx. 9:30pm.

    2 continuous strings of lights in a row, disappearing as they entered the moon's light.

    Invaders or satellite operators drunk at the controls?
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    ET is out there
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      Could be Starlink satellites .


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        I've always believed that it was quite odd for us to think that in our entire universe we are the only planet that has managed to support a life form.


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          Those are Starlink, low orbit sats, bringing the internet to you. This is from SW FL last night around 9:45pm

          Click image for larger version

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            That's what they want you to think.

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          I could send up a dozen LED lights on a string attached to a balloon.

          That said I have no doubt that they will use some space alien BS to force the world into a one world govt situation and give up their individual sovereignty.
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            Dang it!
            They did it again, flew by and didn't stop to beam me up. :-(

            Nice clean shot TomS. Thanks for posting.