How’d this crowd miss this?

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  • How’d this crowd miss this?

    Arguably one of the greatest songs ever written

    Gordon Meredith Lightfoot Jr

    Haven't seen too many videos with a good quality version of this song, so I thought I'd put together a video with lyrics. Enjoy!Pictures are Copyrighted to t...

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    Jim Brown died yesterday too
    Buffet is in hospital and had to cancel shows, said getting old is for sissies.
    I agree it’s a biatch
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      I posted it the day he died. Its here somewhere.
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        I've stood on Lighthouse Point while a winter storm was raging , 60 mph winds and ten degrees , which is the closest place on land to where the Edmund sank .
        It was spooky , pitch dark night , zero visibility and huge waves breaking on the beach . We were on a snowmobile trip and heard on the TV it was the first time a storm of that magnitude had hit since the sinking , so we rode twenty miles to see it , and it was crazy .
        Gusts' of wind would knock you backwards and the cold was unbearable , the spray was like needles hitting your face.
        Sobering to think of the men on that ship knowing they were going to sink in that environment .


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          I love that song, it was so rough prior to the sinking that the cook could not feed them, the Fitzgerald was grossly overloaded.

          Best song of the 70's!



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            A classic song no doubt, to say it's the best ever, well that's very subjective. I doubt I'd even say it's the best of the 70's. A great story song for sure.
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