V_Thirteen, you okay?? Haven't heard from you much...

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    Or Krazy Karl (Kemp reincarnated)?


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      Originally posted by jmike
      Or Krazy Karl (Kemp reincarnated)?
      He resigned awhile back to take a much needed break. I'm sure he'll be back in one form or another, maybe this will trigger him.
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        I'm fine, thanks for asking. I took a posting break. Found that I was posting almost exclusively on world / national events and economic subjects, and got the sense that my (admittedly different) views were causing some heartburn. Figured I'd just shut up for a while, I didn't come to BoB to agitate folks.

        Also, been closing up my parents' estates, been busier than a one-armed, one-legged wallpaper hanger in a butt-kicking contest. I've learned more stuff than I ever imagined I'd have to know, or even that there was to know. Their investments were numerous and eclectic. Funny, my financial situation has changed markedly, to the upside, but overall it's been stressful as hell. I think I'm on the home stretch now.

        I'll get back to the bridge. Just waiting for motivation to set in. I hear it off in the distance.


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          Sorry about your parents. Glad things are okay.

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          Nothing wrong with different perspectives that spur thought.

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          Your take on political events is one big draw for me, it reminds me there are others out there like me and that the fight is worth fighting.