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  • Taste and smell

    Vanilla extract is about the most amazing smell ever
    Tastes beyond horrible.

    Ketchup. Smell of ketchup turns my stomach. But man does it taste good!

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    Lots of things taste just like they smell, yet others are completely opposite! Those hideous smelling fruit from Indonesia, Durian, I think they are called, have a smell that would make you puke, but, taste fantastic......if you're game to try it.


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      I lost my sense of smell when I had Covid a year ago. Every once in a while, I will smell something that is near. Garlic, coffee then it goes away. Still can't smell gasoline, which is unnerving at times when working on boats. Its an incredible sense built into us, and when it doesn't work, its very strange.

      Yes, vanilla extract smells amazing....tastes awful on its own.
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        Same here. All carbonated drinks taste like salt water.

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      Ceegars taste and smell awful.

      But I love them.


      • IWant2Fish
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        My husband loves them too. When he smokes I refer to it as “spraying the wife repellent”. Maybe that’s why he loves them?!? 🧐
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      Originally posted by jughed View Post
      ceegars taste and smell awesome.

      But i love them.
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        Ink for me , just a wiff of it gives me massive headaches .


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          My smell has been off forever (maybe because I cut my nose off as a kid and the had to do some pretty dramatic surgery to reattach it, true story). But after covid it has almost quit altogether. I can get a faint smell of somethings but only for a second or two and then it is gone.

          Really makes drinking really good wine disappointing. Smelling it is a big part of getting all the different subtle tastes in it.

          My taste never really came back either. Although, if I look back at my two marriages I never really had good taste anyway.


          • Parker Yacht
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            So. Save money, drink box wine. Enjoy the hangover.

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          Covid made beer taste metallic for a while but no problems since. Didn't stop me from drinking it though. My wife hates the smell of bananas and won't come near me if I have "peanut" breath so I make it a point to have a hand full of peanuts each day...


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            Vanilla smell good.
            Some foods I can’t stomach.
            I can’t stand the smell nor taste of Fish Sauce. One of the few things I no like.
            Any of those fermented Whale fat foods or anything that smells like Ammonia. No bueno.
            That nasty smelly Asian Durian Fruit. No way, not again, one time only.


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              My nose is so sensitive and stomach so weak if it smells ugh there’s not even a chance it’s going in my mouth.
              Needless to say I’m a very picky eater, very-very picky!!
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