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    The GF/F/W and I were talking about what to do different this year. One of the topics was to get control of our ancillary Bills. We started looking at our statements to see what we were paying for and not using. HOLY CRAP, it is ridiculous.
    We are signed up for like 4 streaming services we NEVER use. Experience credit for like $20 per month when I only look at it once a year and you can get that for free. There are a couple of little $3 reoccurring charges that we are still trying to figure out who they are.

    Then I went to my AT&T cellular bill. Now remember, I own a company and am used to $2,000 per month phone bills. HOLY SHIT! I am paying for 4 phones we don't have anymore and 5 tablets. I am apparently even paying for a phone for one of my guys who retired last year. Some of them I was even paying insurance on and a couple of the active numbers we had 2 forms of insurance. I printed my bill out and it was 83 pages. EIGHTY THREE PAGES!

    Sirius XM, I have 6 separate accounts. Apparently I am paying for someone to have XM Weather on their boat because I sold them my old unit and never turned it off. He will be surprised in the spring when he puts it back in the water and that doesn't work anymore.

    I haven't started looking at my other boat stuff yet. I may need to have a cocktail before I do that.

    Anybody else paying for extra stuff or am I the only idiot here?

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    Gulp .. I hear you, you may not be alone, but I myself am on top of that stuff like that.

    I will say, however, that I switched mobile phone service away from the 'big guys' and besides saving $$ each month we have much better connections/reception everywhere! Also switched to a different TV/internet provider and am saving $110 per month. Yes, that huge and that adds up!
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      Yea, it's crazy--------. And adds up.
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        That’s quite a bit


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          My wife has just been going over that with her dad, there was a cell phone he knew nothing about, AOL online which he hadn't used since the 90's plus all kinds of other small shit. It adds up.


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            I'm once again going to recommend Tracfone. I have unlimited talk and text on the Verizon network, about $115 per year. Same coverage as any Verizon phone.
            I have to pay for data, but I don't stream, so it's cheap. Get all I need included in the price above.

            When I'm home, or any other "known" network, phone automatically jumps onto my wifi, so no data used at all.

            We ditched cable years ago. Nvidia Shield pulls in anything we want to watch, but we don't watch much TV.


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              In a kind of related thing, about 6 months ago, my wife bought a charity raffle ticket, it was for a huge organisation, and part of the purchase you had to fill out a question paper, with name, address and so on, as it turns out, unless you tick a box on the paper, you agree to buy a ticket per month....forever! She discovered the strange amount on a statement and called them, got transferred a few times, put on hold, the usual stuff, then was more or less told she was responsible because she filled out the form! I didn't leave it at that, and asked to speak to a higher manager, then asked to speak to his manager, until I got onto someone in authority, and told him, we do not want any more tickets, and want a full refund for previous tickets (except the one she purchased) after a bit of to and fro, I explained that I will take legal action because the form amounts to a scam, having to tick a box NOT to buy more tickets. With that, the guy kind of backed down (thank goodness) and agreed to refund our money, which surprisingly, they did, I also asked for the form to be changed, no idea if they did that or not.


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                Yea, I'm the US you can't do that either. If you are purchasing something you have to do something (check a box, specify your intent,,,,) to make it applicable. Requiring something to be checked NOT to receive their products for ever is going to get them in a bit of trouble.

                If I was you, I would be contacting the news or something. I bet they have scammed a ton of people.


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                  I had kind of thought about that, and I think it's why the manager backed down, he probably knew what they were doing was not exactly correct, though I am not sure it's illegal, best guess it is.