Any RV - Boondocker's on here?

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    I need an elevator for those steps.
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      OK , we didn't actually Boondock , but we lived in our RV for 3 years . We did a thing called Work Campers , where we worked for the park we stayed in , work three days a week and stayed free .
      These parks were $800 to $1400 a month . Peru NY , Chester Virginia , Goose Bay Maryland , Meeker Colorado , Okeechobee Florida , plus many more .
      Truck , Fifth wheel and the Phoenix on the back equaled 74 feet long , we got some funny looks going down the road . Click image for larger version

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        Wake , it was usually stupid stuff , like helping people park or setting up . One place I replaced all their lights in the rec center with LED lights . I kinda liked it , kept me busy . There is a Face Book page called Work Campers were you can plan ahead and book your stays according to the jobs available . Once you get a reputation , it gets real easy to get gigs .
        I gave my last gig to a friend and he is still there , 8 years later .

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        Smitty I went and looked at that FB page but looks like it only has old posts from 2020. Maybe I got the wrong one?

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        Theres a couple of them , I can call my buddy and find out which ones he uses if you want ? But theres this -
        KOA Work Kampers
        RV Hosts & Work Campers of America
        Workcamper jobs & Reviews
        And more

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      We were amateur campers when the kids were young. I gave the pop-up camper to another fireman when we were done with it. We spent many New Years camping with friends. The kids are grown and gone. My camping is usually staying out in the Everglades.
      Now, we are destination oriented and stay at Holiday Inn Express. Breakfast is included.
      Click image for larger version

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        Originally posted by OldPete View Post

        We just picked up a Winnebago 1800BH. Been outfitting it for off-grid. Been a blast learning and getting her ready.

        I always said I HATE towing, but the Tacoma TRD PRO with the weight distributing hitch makes it reasonable.

        We'll see how it goes after a few 1000 miles. LOL.

        Wife is planning a pretty good trip Carolinas, Virginia, WV, TN... some boondocking, some parks...
        Then the next trip is out west to do some legit boondocking.

        Generator. Now... that's an interesting conversation. I ended up with a GenMax 3300i -- it's a lightweight (49lb) that still does 3000w constant (3300 peak). (Amazon) The RPM is a little high under demand, but not terrible. It'll run the AC just a hair above eco mode. I just outfitted it with a second tank (NOT the cap/barb method). It's pretty cool.

        The RV was the smallest I could find with tandem axles and not a total POS. Got about 40% off MSRP - could have done slightly better.

        Click image for larger version

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        "Roughing it" is a Marriott with a black and white tv.....


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          Originally posted by parker yacht View Post
          i need a wheel chair ramp for those steps.


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            I don’t boondock. I take the camper though to state lands without hookup and stuff
            sometimes it’s free sometimes it’s like $5-10

            it would be awesome though to have a setup to do it out west or up north in the winter

            I recently saw a guy that had an f250 2 story type tent set up with a diesel heater for the tent. It was badass
            that’d be fun. Go deep, remote, hunt. 👍👍