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    If you wanna get fed and nourished spiritually, you must consume spiritual food yourself. Listening to someone else tell you about the food they ate does little for your nourishment. We must go to the food source and living water personally. Read your Bible, pray directly to God, be obedient to His teachings and apply them to our lives. Listening to a sermon is passive and a second-hand experience. Not that it’s bad; it’s just not the best. Eating once a week on a Sunday will do little to sustain you for the entire week. It’s a daily encounter, just like the rising of the sun each day to light up our daily lives.
    The 700 club....I prefer the 007 club. There is no hidden agenda, just pure entertainment.


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      Originally posted by Smitty45 View Post

      Hmmm , so you're saying you got offended by something you really didn't have any idea about ?
      Kinda sounds a little Snowflakey too me ?
      What I'm saying is I don't like disclaimers. You're a lot closer to being a snowflake then I am.
      This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties either expressed, written or implied and confers no rights.
      You assume all risk for your use. The author is not responsible for your inability to understand logic, ambiguous references, sarcasm, the imaginary friends living inside my head or William Shatner's acting ability.


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        Originally posted by LFBB View Post

        What I'm saying is I don't like disclaimers. You're a lot closer to being a snowflake then I am.
        Hmmm , tell me , just what is it about disclaimers that offend you ?
        Show me on the doll where this disclaimer hurt you .
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        Relax , I'm just messing with you , no harm intended .


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        Interesting discussion for certain. I prefer to deal with spiritual issues in my own way as I'm sure many do. I married a Catholic and I attend church with her though the church itself is not my idea of religious purity-if there is such a thing. We, as a world, have been directed away from religious beliefs by politicians, hollywood, the media, universities and our entire school system. If nothing else, religious beliefs used to provide a societal discipline that has gone completely missing today.