TOS, broken boat advice and running off the scruffs

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  • TOS, broken boat advice and running off the scruffs

    The Boating Forum - Advice on Bilge Crack - I worked at maverick for a few years theres definitely no wood.. And i cant see how it cracked like that its one of the strongest spots on the boat back there .. To me it looks like someone hit it grinding and scored it and covered it up with filler and paint so yes its going

    some really wack advice "thrown" around on this thread. At least Gerald is still there and cares.

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    That place is still a mess, same shit different day.
    As for this thread, screw the crack, can they put that charger any lower in the bilge?
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      Cobia not such a good boat? Or are people just talking out of their asses?


      • Parker Yacht
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        They are "OK".
        That crack is in a weird place.

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      Nothing is ever amicable on THT. It's always the same.. "You're stupid.. No you're stupid".. "I built the Taj Mahal of boats" "Oh yeah? Well, I built the USS Nimitz".. And on and on and on..
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        I fixed my Whaler once guy vs I design and build boats guy...

        Whaler guy just has to be right... because he sorta managed to fix his whaler.

      • KMac
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        I know.. It's one of the reasons I stay away from that place..

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      It wasn't as bad as I thought, but the plating was not, a good idea.
      Gerald the long time boat builder had the best ideas.
      Yeah, I'm not rejoining.



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          funny I really used to enjoy that place
          I think I joined over 15 years ago.
          It had some good stuff back then