TOS, broken boat advice and running off the scruffs

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  • TOS, broken boat advice and running off the scruffs

    some really wack advice "thrown" around on this thread. At least Gerald is still there and cares.

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    That place is still a mess, same shit different day.
    As for this thread, screw the crack, can they put that charger any lower in the bilge?
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      Cobia not such a good boat? Or are people just talking out of their asses?


      • Parker Yacht
        Parker Yacht commented
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        They are "OK".
        That crack is in a weird place.

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      Nothing is ever amicable on THT. It's always the same.. "You're stupid.. No you're stupid".. "I built the Taj Mahal of boats" "Oh yeah? Well, I built the USS Nimitz".. And on and on and on..
      As of April 2nd, boatless for the first time in many years.
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      • Jughed
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        I fixed my Whaler once guy vs I design and build boats guy...

        Whaler guy just has to be right... because he sorta managed to fix his whaler.

      • KMac
        KMac commented
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        I know.. It's one of the reasons I stay away from that place..

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      It wasn't as bad as I thought, but the plating was not, a good idea.
      Gerald the long time boat builder had the best ideas.
      Yeah, I'm not rejoining.



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          funny I really used to enjoy that place
          I think I joined over 15 years ago.
          It had some good stuff back then