Ever meet a "boat guy"?

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    Give me patience, and give it to me now.
    First you get the test, then, the lesson. Lol.
    Hey, at least he wasn’t chomping on Cheese Doodles and staining the upholstery.


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      BWP, sure. I am pretty straight forward with everything and verbally go over each item with everyone
      Alcohol is permitted (hell it is encouraged for a few people, it makes them a better person LOL) as long as you don't get drunk or become a danger to your self or anyone else on the boat. I never personally touch it until we are tied back up to the dock.

      Everyone is inspected for Croc"s and made to leave them on the dock.

      No Bananas, Ever! If I find them you and they go off the boat and then you can get back on without them. Even 30 miles offshore.

      Now for the Safety Talk.
      Usually start with life jackets and where they are stored (2 separate places) as well as the throw ring and the rope bag attached to it.

      I point out the fire extinguishers and show how to manually activate the large system down in the engine room if need be (probably unnecessary as it is an automatic system and I am usually at the helm, but you never know).

      I keep an overboard bag sitting behind the captains chair with an epirb, waterproof handheld VHF, flares, mirror,,,, water bottles and "Stuff". I point it out and tell everyone if shit hits the fan get ahold of it and don't let it go untill the coastguard takes it.

      I explain the vhf has a dsc emergency button and to flip up the red cover to push it.
      I keep a 6 person inflatable liferaft with the first most accessible life jackets. I always explain that if I am busy trying to save the boat to get it over to the gunnel, remove the little side cover and attach the rope in there to a cleat. Don't throw it until I let you know.

      Last is I have a large professional medical kit in the guest head cabinet under the sink. I make sure everyone knows where it is.
      After that we go fishing.


      • bluewaterposer
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        This is great, thanks for honoring request, that is thorough and to the point!
        BOB for the win!

      • Ol Mucky
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        That’s funny
        I have the same safety checks

        Crocs are ok, Reefs with the bottle openers on the bottom are a no no

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      Well, you got that handled with only a minor injury, and ya don’t have to do it again
      2021 Blackwood, twin 300 Mercs
      Fairhope & Orange Beach, AL


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        I love it when a buyer brings in his "boat expert" to examine the boat he is thinking of purchasing. It always amazes me how much more they know about boats than I do; after all I've only been in the industry since 1981; what do I know?


        • massbay
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          Was selling a small center console.
          buyer will be back tomorrow with his "boat expert".
          They show up in the pouring rain, "boat expert" pulls a moisture meter from his pocket and condemns the transom because it's wet!

        • erie skipper
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          and let me guess, the transom was composite, right?

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        Look at it this way, at least your first hull scratch worries is over AND after your blowup with idiot BIL it will be a long, long time, if ever that he's back on your boat.
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          Just a word of advice for the boat ... as for your family ... you're on your own!

          Bennett AUTO trim tabs ...they'd automatically adjust trim to that lard azz walking around your boat ...
          Life is too short for an ugly boat!