So how long will it take?

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  • So how long will it take?

    How long do you think it will be before democrats and the eco group go after boats? I'm surprised they haven't yet but I have to imagine they will go after boats soon enough. With the fuel burn rate boats have its a mater of time before they try and regulate them out of existence at lease on the recreational side.

    I think our only saving grace so far is that most of them are ignorant about boating .

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    Do you have a 4 stroke? If so, have to ask yourself why...


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      I had two strokes I have 4 strokes now but I doubt that's the end of it. You know the eco warriors they always want more.

      They are going after the trucking industry again they are trying to set new standards for 2027.


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        Right… so the question isn’t how long will it be before they start. They started a good 15 years ago…

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      They have been continuously regulated. New inboards are catalyzed engines. There are electric drives available. There are emissions limits in production facilities for styrene release. Anti-fouling legislation is changing to eliminate copper. Legislation for anodes is changing in some locals to limit cadmium, lead, and zinc (because they are killing shellfish stocks). Fuel systems must prevent evaporative emissions. Modern diesels do not blow smoke all over transoms.

      Not all regulation means there is a boogeyman hiding in the shadows.
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        It's not necessarily a bad thing but if you look at the diesel industry it's been a real pain in the butt. More then 50 percent of our break downs on our rigs is emissions related. Now they are asking the truck industry to substantially increase it by 2027.

        I honestly belive that their goal is to eliminate ice engines. Which isnt really a bad thing. But the technology isnt there to do what they want.


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          How long, it's already happening, that said it's not an all out attack....yet. Every industry is on the hit list, give them time, you'll get hit.
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            You know how cars have lemon laws and recalls and boats don't? I agree some short-on-brains might think all boats should be electric, but until they manage boat manufacturers like they do the automobile industry it would be tough. A lot of 'progress' has been made in electric boat engines, but until they can take me at cruising speed to the Gulf Stream (80 miles), let me troll for the day and then return that 80 miles with a 10% safety margin I'm not interested.

            IMHO a boat with a battery big enough to do what I need would be sunk by the batteries alone. Now, I don't doubt there will be new regulations and maybe even some real progress in boat efficiency, but unless technology makes huge leaps boating will remain as is for most of us.
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