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    I've done a few. 😉

    Now that I think back and ponder your correct Bill but code enforcement down here flunked a few of my remodels due to this subject so the GC and architect I subbed for made it a standard to have the cabinets installed as mentioned above.
    And your correct, it's the top of the range or grates measured up. Unfortunately back then down here inspectors made us eat 2" due to flame height from a gas range once ignited, hence the 20" measurement.
    You can argue all year with them but that doesn't get the job signed off on and passed so everybody could get paid.
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      Ooooo-kay , back the regular post , LOL
      I was very brief so I'll share a little more . I was going to school in 77 finishing up my 12th grade in Grand Blanc and got a chance to hire in Chevrolet , so Thursday I quit and Monday I was on the line making six cylinders downtown Flint . Bounced around getting laid off and hiring in different places , Flint , Oklahoma , Lansing , then back to Flint . Ended up working 30 years to the day before retiring .
      Always had hobbies Hunting , Snowmobiles , Dirt bikes , and boats . Bought my first boat in 1980 , a Baja 16 foot with a 115 Mercury , thought I was King Shit .
      Struggled with drugs and drinking for a while , got into trouble , drinking and driving , fighting , in and out of jail , before getting sober , quit drinking in 85 and life got a lot better .
      Married my highschool sweetheart at 35 but no kids for me , but she had a three year old girl . A year after I retired , she met her soul mate , dammit ! Lol She filed for divorce and moved to Florida , but the stepdaughter stayed with me , she was going to college and stayed with me for two more years . We still have a great relationship , the SD , not the ex .

      Met my current wife on a online dating site , we hit it off and got married on 11-11-2011 . We sold the house and traveled in a RV for three years , taking the boat with us . I was trying to fish the FLW Rayovac series and had a Phoenix 21 XP , never cashed a check . Had a blast though and made a lot of friends .
      We ended up on the rim canal of Okeechobee for a year before moving to PSL , sold the bass boat and bought a bay boat . Now we fish the ocean , when we can , life is good . I'm working as a building manager/maintenance but just gave thirty days notice , can't stand being in between the HOA and the LCAM .
      I've got a LLC , licensed and insured Maintenance Services with several jobs scheduled light remodeling / painting / refacing kitchen cabinets .
      My wife is a Financial Controller/HR person for a law firm in Stuart . We plan on working for maybe eight more years , we will see how it goes .


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        That's quite a story, good on you for being strong enough to admit "stuff" and keep on the straight and narrow now!
        Makes me look positively dull, never moved house in my life, still married to the girl I met when she was 15, married at 18......only had a couple of jobs (other than part time jobs for fun)

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      I guess it’s my turn. My name is Sandy Hunter. I’m not sure but I think I am the only woman on here now. Most important thing about me is that I am the daughter the the Lord most High. I say that not in bragging but completely out of humbleness. I try my best to serve Him well but fail at times. My husband and I are the Secretary/Treasurer for the church which was started by my in-laws. I love to pray for people so should you ever need prayer I’d love to pray for you. Next, I am 52 years old. I live in the small town of Galliano, LA. I am married to my very best friend. I have 3 step children and 1 biological son. We have 8 beautiful grandchildren ranging from 5 months to 16 years old. I joined the boating forum (TOS) when I was looking for a boat. We currently own a 2072 CC Alumacraft and a 22 ft Gravois. I was raised on the bayou down in Lafourche Parish. It’s a very unique looking area that thrives on the seafood and oil industry. I have been fishing since I was a small child and still love it today. I raised my children to fish but only 2 of the 4 love it. I take care of my 3 year old grandson on most days and have taught him how to fish. He is now obsessed with it. I am the sole caretaker of my father who is 81 years old that has dementia. With that said, if I am not on here for a while it’s only because I’m busy taking care of others. I am in partnership with my dad, brother and nephew in our grocery store. I worked there for 23 years and now I am retired but now a silent partner. We are currently still in the rebuilding process since Hurricane Ida but should open within the next week. I love to cook and bake for my family. We still do after church, Sunday family lunches. We try to get our nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews, children, grand children, brothers and sisters to come eat on Sundays. It’s a fun and loud time that normally ends up being a discussion about the Bible. One last thing, I want to thank Lance for bringing me to this forum and thank each one of you for always being so kind to me and accepting me here. May God bless each one of you and your families with great health, salvation, great finances, happiness, joy and peace.

      From down the bayou, South Louisiana.


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        That was REALLY nice, everything about that post. We are honored you joined BOB and are happy you are part of the family. Now. Just keep the "brothers" in LINE! :-)))

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        Thank you!

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        wonderful post, and more importantly a wonderful life!

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      Originally posted by erie skipper View Post
      I think it's time that some of us introduce ourselves; and yes, I''ve been around awhile and I was on "introduce yourself here" when Mike Carrigan invited me in; but few of you know who I am or where I am other than Lake Erie--and I'll continue to post as Erie Skipper, but here goes: My name is Jim Burroughs, I live near and work in Port Clinton Ohio for a company called Happy Days Boating. I have been in management in the boating industry for many years, but am now semi retired working part time selling a few boats here and there and enjoying it. I just thought maybe it was time to come out of the closet.; [email protected] I've been in the industry since 1981 and was a car jock for 7 years prior to boats--all told 50 years in sales and management.
      I'm not suggesting any of the rest of you do this; just thought it was time I did for whatever reason. I've enjoyed my years in the forum and I'll continue hopefully for some years to come. You're a great bunch and I enjoy our commentaries--and if I have ruffled a feather here and there, tough! Thanks to all for being a part of this forum.
      After reading all your great posts I thought I would update my own. Attended Bowling Green State University for a couple years out of high school until I became fed up with the campus anti war culture of the time. Looking back I'm sure the campuses in our country started all our current problems way back then, in the late sixties-early seventies. I was part of the first military draft and my number drawn was 12 so after I quit college as a sophomore I was 1-A almost immediately for the draft and enlisted in the Ohio National Guard. Once out of basic training and AIT, I worked for Peter Eckrich and Sons making lunch meat for a couple years. I got tired of the chilly temp in the plant though we were paid excellent wages and worked way too much overtime, and quit one day on a whim. 3 days later I went to work selling Fords, Lincolns and Mercurys in Fremont, Ohio. I had my fill of a very dishonest sales mgr after 7 years and was approached by Happy Days Boating and the switch to boats suited me well.
      We became the world's number one Sportcraft and Baha Cruisers dealer and a top ten dealer for Galaxy boats in the 80's and early nineties. The industry has been good to me and I enjoy what I do to this day as I work 4 days weekly for 8 months and my wife of 46 years spend the winter in south Naples very near to Marco Island. We golf, relax by the pool and I've played senior softball for the last 2 years which is more fun than I can explain. Check us out at
      We have 3 children and 8 grandchildren; all successful and happy.
      I have mentioned before that I had 4 bypasses done in 1999 and several stents installed in the meantime and I'm very fortunate to still be here and able to do the things I can; thanks to God's blessings. Looking forward to however many years are left to continuing to live, love and laugh with my wonderful wife and family. Best to you all!