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    I did another one of those things I said I would never do again. I saw it and had to have it. Click image for larger version

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    I have to say so far it's one of the best bikes I have owned.

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      You Sir, have an awesome garage!!



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        Very nice bike.


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          I like it!!
          Met a guy the other day who had a new Harley and it was all blacked-out……….it was awesome!!!!
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            Harley is a wierd brand to deal with it seems like. I bought the new sportster S wich shares nothing in common and I mean nothing with the old sportster. But the dealer pushes super hard to buy the bike the way they want to sell it because if they don't Harley yanks allocations from them. It's a crappy sales tactic to be honest. Maybe I'm just spoiled by car dealerships or something but it was kinda annoying them pushing the warranties and financing so hard on me.


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              Looks nothing like a Sportster. Very radical design.


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                I'm a Harley chopper guy.

                How is it compared to Ducati or Japan in same class???


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                  Never woulda guessed that was a sportster.
                  Personally, I like Harley's updated styling on some of the new bikes.
                  But not enough that I'll ever get another bike. I get tempted now & then, but too much risk these days.

                  S Central PA


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                    Originally posted by Lprizman View Post
                    I'm a Harley chopper guy.

                    How is it compared to Ducati or Japan in same class???
                    I would say it is comparable to the Ducati. Didn't look at many of the Japanese bike to compare it. But it's closest competition I have seen is the rebel 1100 and I would say it smokes that bike in every way.


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                      Ennngh, I'll take the mower at my age.
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                        be careful with the assholes on phones....

                        Last super bike was a Suzuki Hayabusa.....the only machine that literally made me contemplate life and what I was doing with it 35....I gave it up...otherwise I'm pretty certain I wouldn't be here today...

                        That bike was a serious drug of speed!!


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                          Tell us more of this Hayabusa experience, seriously!

                        • Sans Peur
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                          My brother had a Hyabusa. Fastest damn thing I ever rode. It would accelerate so fast you would swallow your teeth and brake so hard you would spit them back up again.

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                        I couldn't go passed 180.... but it could....and it liked it.

                        I was on 295 north going from Johnston to seconds...versus minutes.

                        That machine is made to live 800 below red line...which I was to afraid to find....thankfully

                        Only machine that scared me......I'm sure there are those that can...I couldn't...and I'm fine with that 😄


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                          Makes my old 150cc scooter look like a .....scooter.
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