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  • CA

    Have a friend in from California.
    Her, the wife piece, and a couple gals went to a nice dinner last night.
    ribeye, salmon, horses doovers, 2 bottle of wine
    and what nots.
    The bill was $560
    She says “dayum, things are cheap here”
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    I was in CA. 10 years ago and a burger was $20.Damned good burger, not some FF joint, but $20!
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      Most burgers here from a restaurant type place are well over $20, most around the 25 mark, but that usually includes chips too. At a fast food place (not a chain type) probably $8 maybe $9 with egg and bacon.


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        Basic burger on Marco Island last winter was $10; grouper sandwich $15-$20; usually with one side dish


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          All I know is,
          The seafood restaurant by us is now charging $3 for a side of slaw........freaking cabbage! AND, this is not by any means a high end restaurant.
          I bought eggs yesterday a Wally world and they are up 260% from three months ago.
          Beef is up 200+%
          Food is beginning to get freakin painful. Shit, I might actually begin to lose some weight.
          Even my beer is up 20-25%....

          LETS GO BRANDON!!!!!!!


          • Parker Yacht
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            I am one guy. Don't eat a lot at home or out. $150 the other day for nibbles. Everything to touched was $5-10 each. Crazy.

          • Ol Mucky
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            But at least folks are getting $15 hr now……

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          Hunker down boys. It isn't going to get any better anytime soon.


          • LFBB
            LFBB commented
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            Amen to that, sadly most people have no idea how bad it's going to get, those that remember the Nixon Carter days will know if they can think.

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          Appreciate that at least food is available. For now.
          Publix had a 2 carton limit on Half & Half yesterday…FJB