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    Originally posted by Tiretyme View Post

    I saw two last week for the first time and thought w……t…….is that plastic all over the vehicle
    $110k—think I’ll pass
    My wife likes her ‘16 LR4
    Gimme Val's email, I'll turn her on to this for you, buddy.
    Click image for larger version

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    • Tiretyme
      Tiretyme commented
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      Oh she’s all up to speed on vehicles & boats!
      Remember, she goes to boat shows often and always was with me every year in Vegas for the SEMA show.
      Not to mention she had a friend with one

    • TomS
      TomS commented
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      Nah, just go for the Brabus G900 Rocket version, why not?

    • Tiretyme
      Tiretyme commented
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      Wow! 900hp, 0-60 in under 3.7 seconds, a top speed of 175mph………..and it’s a SUV!!!
      So many sports cars can’t hit 60mph that fast.
      And they say F1 doesn’t improve technology—yeah right.

      Problem is I’m not giving up my boats for a car
      I’d rather be going 70-85mph on the water with an occasional joy ride in the 100mph range……with a more experienced helmsman. I’m comfortable operating up to high 80’s but that’s where I pretty much draw the line. Usually 70-75mph is more than enough to hang with most, while outrunning the rest, and I’m quite confident yet very cautious with that speed.

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    This is our second one. It’s ridiculous expensive but its a really amazing ride. But I’m sure there are many cars with amazing rides that can be had for less money. Crazy thing is here in South Florida they are EVERYWHERE!! What is going on? Boom times!!! It’s a blast to drive.
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    • Parker Yacht
      Parker Yacht commented
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      Student Driver.
      Dat Funi.
      Got to be @purplehairs car/suv.

    • SeaCat22
      SeaCat22 commented
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      I heard one of those MB drive by and it sounded like a sports car. Serious guttural rumble. I bet they have tons of power.