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  • Roughin it

    Doing a public land hunt in a wma this weekend
    saw 3 doe at 10a. Nada the rest of the day

    i moved to my evening stand at 3p
    I was set up on a swamp with the wind in my face.
    I was hoping the hunters further east would push the deer my way.
    but at 2:55 p I saw a hunter standing under my set, then walked into the swamp heading into the wind 😡

    I saw nothing.

    here’s dinner

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    Tough outing.. LOL.. I have had hunts like that. People walking all over you. Frustrating. What's in the pan?
    As of April 2nd, boatless for the first time in many years.
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    That sucks , been there , done that .


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      And???... What is it?
      im watching Clint...rice and beans... what are those cigars.. he smokes??


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        Shit. I'm camped at the staff barracks of my range.
        It's an old abandoned prison.
        I saw three good sized deer last night.
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        Public land hunting is not for the faint of heart. Persistence yields rewards.
        Don’t give up, man.


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	452DBCBF-C9D1-407F-BB73-F21D7DEE6398.jpg
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ID:	148940 Gorgeous morning
          kicked a buck up walking in
          skeeted the bajeezuz out of him
          He was bedded along the swamp edge I was walking along
          I bet I got 20’ from him. There was zero wind so he didn’t know what I was. And just stood in the brush.

          eventually he walked away.


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          Saw a small buck at 225 yards. My bow range is 40
          The. n it got windy (14 mph). I was standing up in the stand and with the tree rocking back and forth, even if a legal animal came into range I couldn’t shoot straight.
          Then it was 83 degrees. I said screw this. I’m not doing the evening hunt.
          Came home.
          Blew a trailer tire 2 miles from the house.

          Entire weekend they killed 3 doe and a hog.
          3 guys limited on whistlers.

          I talked to Levi he says “Dad, you saw 4 deer and walked up on and unknown deer in the dark. On public land…I’d call that a success”.