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  • I love this story

    Man found dead in NYC with 'I touch little girls' written on chest (nypost.com)

    When looking at the Dem's with covid thread this came up too.

    An 80 yr old man obviously beaten and killed with "I touch little girls on his chest" along with other words written elsewhere. At first I thought OMG they killed an 80 yr old! But then you read he has 24 prior arrests, but no connection to sexual misconduct. They then go on to say that of his 24 arrests 20 of them are sealed, so how the hell do they know?

    Can't trust the media to tell you anything without at least a slant.

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    As of April 2nd, boatless for the first time in many years.
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      How about the steroid taking, ex cop, with the little dog, that shared Epsteins cell?
      I thought he "hung himself". Alone.
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        That reminds me, didja hear about the plastic surgeon who hung himself?