My new car got hit !

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    Originally posted by NO WAKE View Post

    Typically if the repair exceeds 75% of the valve of the vehicle the insurance company will total it. Hereโ€™s where it gets sticky! Arriving at an agreed upon value! The insurance company is going to use Kelly Blue book or comparable sources to arrive at that value. Typically on the lower end. If you do not agree with their assessment then you have to dig your heels in and fight them.

    Basically their job is to pay out as little as possible! As you stated to replace your vehicle will be expensive so itโ€™s worth your time to get every dollar you can for your vehicle. Otherwise you are going to receive a check for whatever amount they give you.

    I deal with insurance adjusters every day at work. I write all of the repair estimates for our shop. Good luck dealing with them.
    Yeah, it seems like a numbers game at this point. I haven't seen the " hidden " damage yet but will . Kelly Blue Book seems to be in the 35-36 K range IF they go by the condition and mileage of my car . I have 34 K in my car which includes my lifetime bumper-to-bumper warranty .


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      Originally posted by Surfercross View Post
      Better to get a new car if possible. Cars that have been hit never seem to be the same again.
      It seems like that should be what I try to do. It all depends on what they decide and what I push for .


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        Originally posted by Parker Yacht View Post

        The way it is these days, cheaper to go new than to repair.
        Good to hear they are standing by it tho.
        Yeah, could be cheaper on them all things considered. If they retain damaged vehicle I'm sure there is considerable value there for them.


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          UPDATE -
          They totaled my car . A piece of Boron steel goes up the side of the rear hatch and runs up to above driver's door. It only had a small dent in it by rear hatch but for safety reasons body shop is not allowed to repair Boron steel components. To replace that piece involves taking off roof and quarter panel which made it too expensive to fix.

          Their ( the guy's that hit me ) insurance were responsible for compensating me and I was dealing with them . They use a screwy system that works out well for them but not so good for me. It is a system by J D Power called " WorkCenter " They looked at 7 different vehicles that were similar to mine either sold or for sale currently. They rank all vehicles on a 1-5 scale. They automatically ranked the 7 comparison vehicles as a 3 or " Good " condition even though they haven't seen them. They look at the for sale price ( whether still for sale or have sold ) and deduct about 1500 dollars from that listed price because they figure the dealer will get talked down. They also make adjustments on each vehicle depending on options and mileage.

          So, they arrive at a " fair " price for each of these 7 vehicles that they haven't seen and then add the price of the seven vehicle together and divide by 7 to come up with an average. Then they come to the point where they really tried to F me by rating my vehicle as a 3.05 on a 1-5 scale to compare it to that average price of what the 7 vehicles came to ( they were all rated as a 3.00 )
          Since my vehicle was rated as a 3.05 and those other vehicles were rated as a 3.00 I was to receive an additional 28 dollars . ( how nice of them ) .

          So since I'm dealing with their adjuster, I tell him that he inspected my car and there was no way it was a 3.05 car on a 1-5 scale. He says they just figure cars as a 3.00 if they have no major damage and are being sold and that there will probably be some road rash blah blah blah. He did list my tires as a 4.00 so I guess that is where I picked up the extra .05 and the 28 dollars.
          I'm telling him my car has only been out of town for a short trip and there is no road rash and offer to meet him out at the body shop and we'll go over my car and he can show me where my car went from a 5 to a 3.05 under any categories and he gets pissed at me , Fed Exes me instructions on how to fill out my title to send him , cancels my rental car and expects me to sign off for 28,200.00

          I call my insurance and ask them to tell me what they will offer me if I settle through them ,knowing I will have to pay 1000.00 deductible if I claim through them. I would get the 1000.00 back if I claim through them after they settle with the other guy's insurance. I tell my insurance company what I told theirs and said I wasn't satisfied with the rating of my car or the settlement amount offered . My insurance comes back with an offer of 34,200 dollars which is 6000.00 more than theirs so I settled for that. Received the check in the mail today . I only paid about 30,000 for my car because I qualified for 7500.00 in discounts when I bought it . I came out with 3400.00 more than I had in my car .

          Before I settled I purchased another new car same as my other one. 2020 Ford Escape Titanium . I thought my other car had every option on it but this new one had Premium package 2.0 which gives a pop-up display out of the dash ,just a clear acrylic screen that shows various data such as speed ,which keeps you from looking down at dash. Also comes with 110 volt plug behind console and rubber floor tray mats. ( which I did buy for my other one, but guy at body shop let me take them out of my car after they totaled it ).

          My New new car cost me about 1000.00 more than I received from the settlement but has extra options . They are not offering the same discounts and prices went up some. It could have been worse .

          AND IT IS - because some elderly lady sideswiped my New new car and took out both doors on the driver's side just the other day . I'll bore you with that story at a later date . Just starting the process on that one and I'm waiting on police report. No one got a ticket and wife has a good driving record so I'm not too worried about a rate increase if they say she is at fault or partially at fault .
          This one will be a bit interesting because I believe I can obtain video of the accident and I will provide a link here as to where I may be able to get the video from.

          If the other driver admits fault or is assigned fault, I don't want to see video. And as far as I know neither my insurance or the other people's insurance or thinking about this possible video . I've talked to both insurance companies and I didn't mention it and neither did they. My wife was parked in front of Post Office and was either all the way back on the street or partially on the street when she got hit. She doesn't know and she didn't see the other driver coming . I'll provide pictures I sent to my insurance showing the damage and why I believe that my wife had to be all the way out travelling down the street in her own lane when she got hit.

          Here is the live cam that I believe the video of the accident can be obtained from. It is a live cam and it will show up better during the day which is when the accident happened . Post Office is about half way up your screen on left and that is where my wife was leaving from, travelling towards you as you look at screen -


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            Sorry to hear that mate, damn your having some bad luck lately.


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              Originally posted by Gnrphil View Post
              Sorry to hear that mate, damn your having some bad luck lately.
              Yeah ,it sucks but could be worse . I just don't like having to deal with it and protecting my interests. Accidents happen and I won't try to take advantage of the situation but won't let anyone else take advantage either.


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                Just WOW! Prayers ๐Ÿ™.



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                  Iโ€™m glad you stood your ground with the insurance company. Good for you for fighting for a fair amount!

                  Sorry to hear about the latest incident! Glad your wife is ok!
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                    Originally posted by bluewaterposer View Post
                    Just WOW! Prayers ๐Ÿ™.

                    Thanks BWP ,but it's not really a big deal other than having to go through the process . My wife would just like to enjoy her new car without being hit. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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                      Wow.. Talk about bad luck... I thought I was the only one like this..
                      As of April 2nd, boatless for the first time in many years.
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                        Originally posted by NO WAKE View Post
                        Iโ€™m glad you stood your ground with the insurance company. Good for you for fighting for a fair amount!

                        Sorry to hear about the latest incident! Glad your wife is ok!
                        Thanks. Glad my insurance came through with a fair amount because their insurance was not trying at all. On a 1-5 scale for used vehicles there was no way mine should have gotten a 3.05 . The tires received a 4.00 but I checked and the measurement of 10/32nds is the same as what the tire tread measures when new.

                        Loss vehicle: Loss vehicle: 2020 Ford Escape | Titanium 4 Door Utility 107" WB | 2.0L 4 Cyl Gas Turbocharged A AWD 2020 Ford Escape | Titanium 4 Door Utility 107" WB | 2.0L 4 Cyl Gas Turbocharged A AWD
                        Condition Adjustments Condition Adjustment: $38.78 Overall Condition: 3.05-Good

                        Typical Vehicle Condition: 3.00 Category Condition Comments
                        Interior DASH/CONSOLE 3 Good nonpermanent marks/soiling/staining.
                        DOORS/INTERIOR PANELS 3 Good nonpermanent marks/soiling/staining.
                        CARPET 3 Good minimal wear. GLASS 3 Good no damage.
                        SEATS 3 Good minimal wear.
                        HEADLINER 3 Good no damage.
                        Exterior BODY 3 Good no dents/creases.
                        PAINT 3 Good no large scratches/scrapes.
                        TRIM 3 Good minimal surface scratches/stone chips.
                        VINYL/CONVERTIBLE TOP Typical n/a
                        Mechanical ENGINE 3 Good no missing/damaged components.
                        TRANSMISSION 3 Good no missing/damaged components.
                        Tire 4 Very Good rf 8, rr 8, lr 8, lf 8, new depth 10/32nds.
                        Typical Vehicle Condition reflects a condition similar to the same year, make and model. Amount of wear and tear/ damage consistent with its age.


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                          Pics of the latest accident. Looks to me like vehicle got hit right in front of rear wheel well and continued up towards front of vehicle . I don't see how this could be any fault of my wife as she certainly wasn't travelling in reverse. Mu guess is the other vehicle came over into her after she was in her lane in the street after pulling away from Post Office. We'll see what police report shows and how much they investigated.

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