Laminar-Flow Interrupter Technology

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  • Laminar-Flow Interrupter Technology

    Does other boat manufacturers use this technology or do they have similar hull designs ? Ranger/Cutwater had the patent but let it expire years before the 20 year mark .

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    I don't know but I have surfboards that have that technology. The whole board is dimpled.


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        Originally posted by Parker Yacht View Post
        Air. Different density. Years ago I had the opportunity to get close to Miss Geico. The hull bottom was kinda like sharkskin.

        Under 40 mph or so, hydrodynamics don't make much difference on a hull. Prop? Different situation.


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          Yeah, I once dreamed of becoming a millionaire by patenting a paint roller design that would form either a dimpled or shark skin-like texture to the hull, to aerate the hull, for when applying either an epoxy bottom coat or even bottom paint. Then fluid dynamics and the horsepower (or lack thereof) equation came into it ... and I never even made past concept or Turkish millionaire status.

          Oh well, looks like I won't ever be on the Shark Tank show!
          Life is too short for an ugly boat!


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            I used to sell a couple of aluminum boat lines.
            1 welded and 1 riveted
            The riveted boats were always faster than the welded boat.
            I would have thought the rivet heads would cause extra drag.


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              Interesting! Yes, I bet the rivet head disturbance was creating a 'blanket of aerated air', albeit a thin one, that reduced the friction on the hull.

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            I am surprised the company ( Ranger /Cutwater ) let the patent go 5 years before the 20 year expiry date ( provided the patent $ fee is paid each year ) . The thing i wonder is why they can advertise '' our patented Laminar Flow Interrupter Technology '' when they don't have an active patent and basically abandoned it ( also the Canadian Patent ) .