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  • Immigration.

    I, as much as anyone, was disappointed in the immigration that happened to the US in the 60's and early 80's from Cuba.
    But, I have to say, the ingenuity, bravery and sheer determination it took for those people to cross the GulfStream for a better life is nothing short of amazing.
    I cannot bequeath someone, anyone, from wanting that better life.
    But gosh our leaders today are sure trying to make this a country not worth coming to.

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    Amazing, and what you say is spot on
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      Man, I tell you....
      This country will always be better than any Communist country, and folks in Cuba, who aren’t Communists, would love to come here in a heartbeat.
      They will fly, row or swim here, if they could.
      The 80’s Mariel Boatlift was a terrible event that flooded us with criminals released from Cuban prisons, mixed in with good folks.
      That is a pretty cool contraption. They had to secretly get the materials, build it in hiding and deploy it without being noticed. That’s determination.


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        The 60’s were different than the 80’s. The early migration was political refugees. I grew up with many of them, the children of engineers, teachers and doctors. The 80’s was Castro emptying his burdensome prisons, a purge, allowing criminals to become our responsibility.


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          I've said it before, any people that are willing to cross the ocean from Cuba to Florida are going to be good citizens!

          They are the most resourceful that I'm aware of, I know so many Cubans that will tell you it's way better here than here.

          All the ones I know want to speak English although they speak Spanish around other Spanish speakers.

          I personally know dozens of Cubans that have become very successful in just one generation.

          Sorry, Cuban people fascinate me, and due to the Bay of Pigs, they typically vote Republican.



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            All I can say is it took a lot of enginuity and guts to build that truck boat and take it to Florida. Good for them...Charlie
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