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  • This is alarming

    He’s right, if it can happen to him….

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    Democrats, EVIL continually!!!!!!!



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      Yes it is. However, he has to know that he is making himself a HUGE target for the left. Look at what he did with Planned Parenthood. Recorded them actively "marketing" and selling babies and body parts of babies, which is a violation of multiple laws. Did anything happen to the people at PP? No, but he was arrested.. Charged..

      He will have to figure out if it is all worth it. Even when he exposes stuff, it is buried.
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        Hope he continues..... until he has something on the Clinton's.... then retire


        • savedbygrace
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          If he exposes something on the Clinton’s he will BE retired without his approval.

        • Tiretyme
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          SBG, you are 100% correct!
          People who’ve exposed them usually just die—quickly

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        Funny thing is, Veritas had withheld publishing any of Ashley's diary because they weren't sure it was authentic.

        The FIB, by making the raid, confirms that it is.


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          Time for James to get an apt under an assumed name, still not that hard to do.

          He offered the diary to authorities, yet they choose to raid him, this is a joke, Mr. O' has a mighty good case IMO.
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