Now the Libs are saying "Thank you Brandon!"

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  • Now the Libs are saying "Thank you Brandon!"

    In a BLATANT re-direct or defuse the lovable moniker of "F#ck you Biden", aka "Let'sGo Brandon!", the Libs/Progs are now endearing the use of the term "Thank you Brandon!", or #Thank you Brandon, like from today's news when he announced jobs numbers ... I heard it no less than 3 times today already!

    I for one, will continue to shout BOTH of the former ...
    Life is too short for an ugly boat!

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    Too's already out there and WE know the true meaning. These idiots are in a deep state of denial.


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      I wonder if that will trigger websites hurty feelings like LGB does???


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        Colorado Congresswoman Lauren BoebertClick image for larger version  Name:	FDY3RjNX0AMalo7.jpg Views:	4 Size:	488.8 KB ID:	142402


        • DaleH
          DaleH commented
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          Huba huba

        • LFBB
          LFBB commented
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          I'd spank that ass.

        • Tiretyme
          Tiretyme commented
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          I know you would Dave!!
          You are our team leader!!

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        What a bunch of morons. “I’ll embrace your negativity.” Sick