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    Would there be any interest in starting a Scuba forum on BoB? I do a lot of diving/spearfishing and there may be other members who might find this of interest. Going tomorrow as a matter of fact, to tune up for the extra days of snapper season this month.

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    Frankie, welcome e to the site.
    Let's try it here, if we need to we can make it a sticky, as it gets more interest we can spin it off.


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      I’d like to see it.


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        Well, I went out last Saturday to do some tune-up dives for the upcoming extended snapper season and ruptured my ear drum on the first dive. It hurt like the dickens, but I stayed out on the water and ran the boat so the other two divers wouldn’t waste their day, and they made some nice dives on a couple of artificial reefs. We were even able to be good ambassadors for divers versus fishermen, which in our area is a big deal as there’s quite a bit of tension between the groups, due to divers pulling up and going over while fisherman are anchored and fishing. Toward the end of the day, we pulled up on a local wreck that had one boat on it that seemed to be leaving. Since they were leaving, we decided to dive. We try not to dive if people are already fishing on the spot, and had already deferred on the first spot we came to because a local charter had customers catching mingos, and we didn’t want to mess that up, so we went to another spot. Anyway, we pulled up to the wreck we were going to make our last dive on, and the boat that was leaving got their anchor hung up. We offered to retrieve it and my son and our other diver went over and sent it up on a lift bag. Those guys were very grateful.

        I’ve been diving for over 50 years, and have made thousands of dives and have done almost everything one can do in recreational diving — stage decompression, mixed gas, NAUI, PADI & SDI instructor — but always had trouble clearing due to childhood ear infections, that left scar tissue, but always managed to make it work due to my life long love of the sport. About ten years ago, I ruptured my left ear drum for the first time while diving on the USS Oriskany — a retired aircraft carrier sunk 25 miles SSE of Pensacola in 212 feet. That weakened my eardrum and it has now perforated twice since then.

        So, this week has been a series of phone calls and doctors’ visits to figure out my options. Yesterday a specialist told me my ear drum would never heal sufficiently to dive again, but he could graft a “patch” on it that would get me back in the water in about two months. My response — do it right now. He wouldn’t do it immediately, of course, but I should be good to go by the time spring rolls around, Lord willing. I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to shoot snapper over the next month, but I guess I’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way with a hook and line, and I’m very happy my diving days are not over yet. Sooner or later time will take its toll, and I’ll have to give it up, but it looks like the patch will give me a few more years in the water, and I’m very happy about that.