What is the best electric downrigger?

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  • What is the best electric downrigger?

    I am speccing the add-ons for my Sailfish 325DC. One thing that I would like to put on the boat is a pair of electric downriggers for fishing the deeper water here in the GOM (SW FL). The choice seems to be between Cannon and Scotty. Can you all give me some guidance on brand and model? I am not terribly price-sensitive but surely don't need a "tournament series", whatever that means. Thanks.

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    I learned downrigger using Cannon Mag 10. Sold that boat and then had Scotty. I missed the Cannon's. They were bullet proof for me. You lose the auto stop if you use braid on Cannons. I keep the wire for that reason. I can hit the switch and then deal with clients on the other side of the boat. The ball stops just short of the surface so it will not swing around and smack the boat.

    Check on after market support for your area. It is a pain to ship a downrigger if you don't have a local authorized shop.


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      Lindgren-Pittman seems to be the choice of many.
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        Originally posted by Parker Yacht View Post
        Lindgren-Pittman seems to be the choice of many.
        They don't make/sell downriggers. They may be the place to go to get a $7000 electric reel - ouch.