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    The boss called two Thursdays ago asking if I could take the Viking to the Bahamas so he could fish with friends this week? Sure boss

    I wasn't meant to take it until January so I threw as much stuff as I could into lockers cabins freezers, filled the tanks and pointed her east.

    Wednesday the fishing sucked. Even deep dropping was slow with just 2 queen snapper joining us for dinner so I made a suggestion to the boss to run 40nm SE to a spot called the bridge the next morning and he was very keen for a zero dark thirty departure.

    We made great time running from the island and had baits in the water just after 7, it took a little time to find the fish but when we did they were big and hungry! the biggest was 80 followed by 67lb and the rest in the 40's. We were back at the island for lunch at 1230!

    Straight up job security!!! I am now planning a trip to San Salvador to get him a 100lber in the new year

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    You are D Man Mike!
    Damn, looks nice.
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      LTD, Living the dream! I fish worse than Ole, about every other year. I am a poser!


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        Great job


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          Looks like you had a great trip ! Very Nice Ono 4 Dinner !